Savithri Idly Rice – Boiled – Milled


Organic Savithri Idly rice is a parboiled,  pearl colored rice.  Best suitable for making tiffin items.  The cooked rice goes well with veggies, sambar, buttermilk, etc.  For ease of cooking and digestion, rice is milled yet unpolished.   It is a staple as it contains balanced taste and nutrients It is bold size rice verity and easy to cook.  Yep, it is PGS Green Certified Organic Rice from SVR Organic Way Farm.



Organic Savithri Idly rice is a pearl color and bold sized rice hence best suitable for making tiffin items.  The cooked rice goes well with veggies, sambar, buttermilk, etc.  Milled rice is unpolished rather the husk, bran, and germ is completely removed.  This helps in cooking and digestion,    This rice is cultivated, seasoned for more than a year at SVR Organic Way Farm. As a result, guaranteed for authenticity and true to its Certified Organic label.   Enjoy the taste and aroma of the Rice and realize the benefit of getting it direct from a PGS Certified Organic Farm.

Cook & Enjoy

Good for making any type of rice-based foods.

Yep, it takes a bit time to get adjusted to different taste and texture. Once you start liking you won’t miss it.

Health Benefits

This rice is direct from the certified organic as a result, no harm to the body due to chemical or pesticide. residue in the rice.

To reverse the harms of chemical or pesticide residue in the body, consume organic rice regularly.

Organic rice tastes better and induces your appetite. Especially, good nutrients are protected or enriched.


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