Our Farming Practice

​... we do not use Chemical Fertilizers

Instead, we use panchacovya, natural green manures, root knots from pulses and crop rotation

... we do not use any type of pesticides

Instead, we use herbal based insect repellents, cattle form by products such as komiyam, panchakovya, etc.

... we do not use any chemical weed killer on our farm lands

Instead, we use human resources to hand pick them and small hand held mechanical tools to covert them into bio fertilizers for our Organic farm.

... we do not feed any factory processed cattle feed for our cows & cattle

Instead, we use Organic farm straw, Organic rice/gram husk/hull organic pulses and green grass to enjoy tasty milk and get reliable organic farm inputs. 

.... we do not use any GMO or High Breed or Cross variety  seeds

Instead, we use traditional paddy, gram seed verities,  hand picked for seed quality, Organic seed treatment &storage to ensure NO chemical/GMO contamination.

... we do not look for high yield or high margins

Instead, we focus on high nutrient value and natural taste, economical lose prevention and sustainability



The end result is highly superior Organic Rice both in Nutritional value & Taste