Our Farm

SVR Organic Way Farm is a traditional agriculture farm, on the banks of Cauvery river at Kathiramangalam village, part of Rice Bowl of Tamilanadu.   We are cultivating Rice, Banana, Pulses, Millets, Sugarcane and Vegetables by adopting Organic Way farming method.   Organic Way is permaculture system to cultivate healthy, wholesome grains and maintain fertile land.  We use NO chemical fertilizers or pesticides,  NO hybrids  or GMO seeds in our farm  and practice 100% Natural Way of farming methods.  We do not bring any outside materials into our farm other than labors and machinery such as tractors and harvesters.

Our specialization always been farming rice for Seed purpose.  We are a long time Seed suppliers for Department of Agriculture & private seed distribution companies till few years back.  In the past 5 years we converted our entire farm into  fully sustainable Organic farm.  As learned from Dr. G. Nammazhvar, our current focus is traditional seeds and promoting Organic farming..  We offer 100% Organic Seeds and Grains direct from our farm to anyone interested in Organic rice for farming or for personal consumption.

Sriram at Nammalvar memorial function


We Believe In..

Organic Certifications

We are recognized by certifying organizations and organic farming communities

* PGS Certified Organic Farm

* Leader of PGS India  Local Group

* Awards from Organic Farming promotion and interest groups

* Regular peer reviews and surprise inspection by members of Organic farming groups 

Our specialty 

* Indigenous farming expertise on  our Soil, Water, Seeds, Crop and farm management

* Seed development, storage & distribution

*  Offer Training & best practices in Organic farming

* Promoting economical farming/planing ideas for sustainability and larger good

* Leader of Organic Way local Organic Farmers Group & Organic Farmers interest group