Seeraga Samba – Raw – brown rice


Seeraga Samba Rice (also called Jeeraga Samba), is very tiny aromatic south Indian verity. Best suitable for Pongal, Biriyani or any foods that contain Cumin (Seeragam, Jeera, Kala Jeera). Yes, it is Certified Organic Rice from SVR Organic Way Farm!!



Seeraga Samba Rice

Seeraga Samba Rice (also called Jeeraga Samba), an aromatic south Indian rice.  It is very short and fine rice and easy to cook.  Usually, Seeraga Samba is milled raw in the traditional way.  Boiled and brown/hand pounded milling affects the quality of flavor.  The flavor further enhances when it cultivated, seasoned more than a year @ SVR Organic Way Farm.  Enjoy the taste and aroma of the Rice direct from SVR Organic Way Farm, a PGS Green Certified Organic Farm.  You will realize the benefit of getting the Organic Rice from the known source than an unknown source or chemical farms.

Cook & Enjoy

Best suitable for Pongal, Biriyani or any fried foods that contain Cumin (Seeragam, Jeeragam, Jeera, Kala Jeera).

Health Benefits

To start with NO harm to the body due to chemical or pesticide use in the farming.  When consumed regularly over the period of time, a very high possibility of reversing the harms of chemical or pesticide residue in the body.  Organic produces are usually taste better, induces your appetite and good nutrients are protected or enriched.  There are No known specific health or medical benefits for this traditional flavored rice.


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